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Instagram post by @transgender_together Transgender Together


  • 31w ago angellovetrans angellovetrans

    I get it everytime

  • 30w ago spookin_dognuts0 spookin_dognuts0

    My boyfriend is trans, and his family is like this, but I'm not, I only give him love and support

  • 30w ago memefactory01 memefactory01

    true @dunkin_dognuts0 Thanks for being supportive babygirl❤️

  • 30w ago cuideria cuideria

    Everyone when i tell them i'm transmasculine and gay

  • 30w ago ir1desc3nce ir1desc3nce

    Hey, I found this blog and I'm so glad I found it. My friend is biologically female but identifies as male, and I support and want to help her take the next step. Except...I'm a cis gay guy who knows NOTHING about binders, hormones, or anything else aside from the stuff from Tumblr. So as a friend how can I help him be who he really is?

  • 30w ago ir1desc3nce ir1desc3nce

    Love the Insta

  • 30w ago transgender_together transgender_together

    @path3tic.aesth3tic Good question! I think the best ways to help him would be to learn as much as you can about the trans community and also just make sure he knows you support him. If you're looking for resources, I would suggest Chase Ross on YouTube. He's doing a trans 101 series that I think is super helpful and accurate.

  • 30w ago izzie_sylvie izzie_sylvie

    Fucking hilarious!

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