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  • 74w ago on_fireee305 on_fireee305

    So true!

  • 74w ago _ashes_to_ashes_ _ashes_to_ashes_

    So question, if we were to somehow eliminate all religion, would political ties become stronger? I'm an atheist that is very against religion but I'm also a psychology major and I can't deny the fact that religion is merely a tool used to brainwash the many, if it was eliminated, would something replace it?

  • 74w ago novnovman novnovman

    Turtle Man

  • 74w ago varun.k.d_ varun.k.d_

    @_ashes_to_ashes_ I and many like me advocate for culture to replace scripture. Therefore morals are based on our history as people as well as the ever shifting social constructs. I would say colleges need to take their role back in society being the tools of such enlightenment. When I reference culture I mean science, literature (secular), music, art, and so on

  • 74w ago ramdeman ramdeman

    Dont forget political. We forget what connects us all and thus needs our attention. Being human. Lets make that possible for all earthlings. Till then there shall be no peace

  • 74w ago ramdeman ramdeman

    And humanity must get rid of the competition.....its pretty simple actually...know thyself....

  • 74w ago steel_beach steel_beach

    I would change "most" to "a lot." / More problems are caused by *scarcity*. Things like money, food, and potential mates come in limited quantities and people are constantly competing for them.

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