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Instagram post by @danelljleyva Danell J Leyva

Like most elite level athletes, I too, had highs and lows in my career. One of those lows was during team finals at the Olympics in Rio, where I was the last competitor on the last event, and I fell. The first picture summarizes how I felt. On the biggest stage in the world, at the most important competition of the sport. There I am... literally on my hands and knees... defeated. My best friend (@alicebeggs ) sent me a quote recently and I can't help but use it for this story. "You may see me struggle, but you will never see me quit." Passion, determination, and hard work alone wouldn't have gotten me anywhere if it wouldn't have been for my mom (@nene112363 ) who kept me levelheaded and my girlfriend (@giulipino ) who believed in me more than anyone. A few days later I performed two great routines on my events, and was able to end my career on an immense high. I can't believe it's already been a year since that day. I will remember it forever.


  • 30w ago lalo_ii lalo_ii

    You're one of my favorites!

  • 30w ago sandie210 sandie210

    You are a true champion.

  • 30w ago dstylemakeupofficial dstylemakeupofficial

    😍❤️ bello

  • 30w ago iseezdamoment iseezdamoment

    Danell you are a true champion.

  • 30w ago leo.gomes25 leo.gomes25

    Pra mim @danelljleyva é um dos melhores ginastas do mundo, amo vê-lo competindo, minha torcida sempre. ❤

  • 30w ago christoir_o_hogan christoir_o_hogan

    You are a waking inspiration and a huge credit to the sport. Your career has shown you to be an amazing human being. Thank you!

  • 30w ago thiagofiguerdo thiagofiguerdo

    Gostoso, só quem é! 🌚

  • 30w ago alt2115 alt2115

    wish you golden medals in Tokio🇯🇵

  • 30w ago xanweaver xanweaver

    You'll never see him quit, unless it's after missing two peaches, because then he walks out of the meet😂

  • 30w ago kevincerdamx kevincerdamx

    Eres el jefe!!!

  • 30w ago lsljay lsljay

    Grande y humilde! Gracias por regalarle la foto a mis hijos, nunca se les olvidara! @danelljleyva

  • 30w ago elmst_kid elmst_kid

    Mi negrito 😍😍😍😍

  • 30w ago rmarrone287 rmarrone287

    A true champion

  • 30w ago aidedevis aidedevis

    Hermosa reflexión... gracias por ser modelo y ejemplo de vida para tantos jóvenes. Un abrazo!

  • 30w ago mercedeslaporta54 mercedeslaporta54

    You are a true champion with the hart of a lion love you mucho

  • 30w ago ravila91 ravila91


  • 30w ago shanecdotes shanecdotes

    You did incredibly I was SO proud of you!

  • 30w ago tizzmoney tizzmoney

    No drama and great post, but is this shots fired at Jake D.?

  • 30w ago danirott61783 danirott61783

    @tizzmoney how so?

  • 30w ago femalebridge femalebridge

    So well-deserved!!! You made the USA proud!! ❤️⚪️💙🇺🇸

  • 30w ago th_br80 th_br80

    Thank you for continuing to inspire @danelljleyva

  • 30w ago ivan_agus_ ivan_agus_


  • 30w ago rg128 rg128


  • 30w ago fire_2k18 fire_2k18

    @danelljleyva I remember those moments. As tears ran down my face when you fell and when tears of joy ran down my face when you won your metal. You are truly an inspiration in my life and you remind that it's okay to mess up. It hurts and it's sad but if it didn't that your not doing what you love. Thank you for everything you do in my life, even though you don't know. I know you and I know that you love what your doing with all the highs and lows. It keeps you working harder and harder each day

  • 30w ago sslettno sslettno


  • 30w ago yadioft11 yadioft11

    The most important things is how you took this in your brain Positive, and after that you were better, and we love you more

  • 30w ago katmp_ katmp_

    inspiring af ❤️

  • 30w ago pedroarmenteros pedroarmenteros

    You are the best man

  • 30w ago axel_aldhaz axel_aldhaz

    eres lo maximo

  • 30w ago ariannamarieyoung ariannamarieyoung

    Still withholding what I said last night but screaming it in my head and still laughing 😂😂😂you better have told @giulipino

  • 30w ago chavito chavito


  • 30w ago chavito chavito

    That ass tho 👌🏽

  • 30w ago chen.jianfei chen.jianfei

    I like how you perform your word-You may see me struggle, but you will never see me quit.

  • 30w ago chribeck65 chribeck65

    Eres Lo maximo❤️

  • 30w ago kendall.047 kendall.047

    I can't believe I got to meet you at the Colorado training center right before you became a contender for the Olympics!

  • 30w ago bo4street bo4street

    Thanks for sharing. Stay in the fight!

  • 29w ago fbriciob fbriciob

    My boy 😍

  • 28w ago cine.affiches cine.affiches

    Anyway you're a wonderful athlete!!

  • 22w ago maxwellwacha maxwellwacha

    You are an inspiration!

  • 10w ago tiagofiiil tiagofiiil

    @juji_angie you guys r amazing!!

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