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The human body doesn't understand rep range, it does not understand why you need to hold a cup in your hand and or hold a baby to nuture. It does not understand the difference between a dumbell, coffee cup or a new born baby and it sure doesn't know if you are trying to add muscles, lose fat, become more functional, or get through your daily activities. The human body responds to force applied to it correctly and controlling other variables, you can achieve the aforementioned goal. The physical effects of soft tissue therapy can greatly improve anyone's health and life style by alleviating pain and reducing potential or injury in several ways. The ultimate impact of soft tissue therapy is to increase the health of the body's internal tissue by improving circulation of blood and nutrients, while simultaneously removing toxin.
Muscle Rehab Provides techniques such as percussion, neuromuscular, myofascial release, muscle activation therapy, etc. The proper application of these evidence based soft tissue techniques are specifically aimed at not only addressing your primary complaint, but also considers other biomechanical and postural considerations that may be directly or indirectly contributing to your problem.
Let us carefully assess, evaluate, treat and educate you about your body, empowering you to manage those problem areas and help you improve your personal wellbeing.
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