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In the last days many of you have asked me how I looked before I went to the gym.
Because of that the time is right to tell you the story behind this.
In the left picture I was almost 17 years old and going 3-4 month to the gym. There I weight about 56 kg and was 173 cm tall.
Because I was so thin and at least 1 year younger than many in my grade, the school was not easy for me. I was also labeled as the little Fabian. Because I had good marks in the school I was additionally designated as a nerd. To change that I have tried to be the class comedian. Outside I always tried to be strong and to laugh. But at home it was very different. I don't know how often I cried at home. This was also the reason that my parents bought me a dog. Because it changes a lot in my a life, especially in my head, I will say thank you! THANK YOU very much Mum and Dad!
I shit on a lot of people and I did not care what people are talking about me because I know it's not the truth. So I decided to go to the gym to be not longer the little Fabian. Everyday I listened to the song "Alles wird gut" by Bushido. With this song I could identify myself and it still motivates me to continue.
Now I go to the gym over 4,5 years and have grown dry almost 18 kg muscle mass. Today, at the age of 21 I'm 184 cm tall and weight 76 kg.
But the most important thing I got in the gym was not only my body! Because of the numerous ours I spent alone in the gym, I had enough time to think about everything and to mature inwardly. Today I'm not interested in the people of the past and that is not to sound arrogant. It's important to select and don't to forget the 2-3 true friends, which stayed in each time by your side! If you read this you will know who I mean!
You should always stay motivated and not lose sight of your goal. You will reach good times, if only you believe in it and fight for it!
You should always make sure that you aren't alone in this world. Many others are in the same situation as you. For me it was very important to stand out from the others and reach my goals.
I hope you read the text because it was not easy for me to talk about my past.

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  • 69w ago dgwaaan dgwaaan

    Thanks for sharing! It's so interesting. You truly never know what someone else is going through or has been through until they tell you. Good for you! You didn't let anyone bring you down and you made your life better! I'm currently the left photo and hoping on working to becoming what you are in the right side!

  • 69w ago irinae_18 irinae_18


  • 68w ago nelson_klik nelson_klik


  • 67w ago miroslavsky miroslavsky

    Thanks for sharing man :)

  • 67w ago aidyl_faezy97 aidyl_faezy97

    @salachark19 good question... I'm wondering too

  • 66w ago khryzstoff khryzstoff

    Ur a great motivator @fabianxarnold.. keep up the good work and love seeing new post from u.. 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽👌👌

  • 65w ago chris_chip_walter chris_chip_walter

    Awesome post. You should be proud of what you have accomplished

  • 65w ago jp_lopes1010 jp_lopes1010

    Congratulations bro,I'm inspired by you. Hugs from Brazil☇👏

  • 62w ago jonpasciuti jonpasciuti

    How the hell is being 173cm at 17 y/o deemed "Little"?? I must be a hobbit by Germanic standards... 🤔 Well, you pulled through champ, and now you've graduated to official Insta-thirst trap status! 😂😂

  • 59w ago peiyun1229 peiyun1229

    Thank you for sharing your story which inspire me a lot🙂

  • 58w ago michaelcarrillo02 michaelcarrillo02

    This is amazing! Very inspiring ❤️

  • 56w ago hydenjoseph hydenjoseph


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  • 54w ago lemueldeluna lemueldeluna

    Awesome transformation

  • 54w ago lemueldeluna lemueldeluna

    Thats right!!!

  • 52w ago rene_horstmann_design rene_horstmann_design

    Ohne diesen Text sieht man "nur" einen beeindruckenden Körper. Mit diesem Text und der Geschichte dahinter erkennt man eine Seele und Charakter. Bravo für den Mut ubd fie Offenheit. Es ist wichtig! Gerade in heutiger eher oberflächlicher Welt, in der ein junger Mensch fast nur "perfekte" Menschen, Blogger, Influencer sieht und nicht immer diesem Standard gerecht wird. Weiter so!

  • 50w ago a_step22 a_step22

    You are awesome! Love your story😘

  • 49w ago nabila.the.legit.boss nabila.the.legit.boss

    Sexy 😰💘

  • 49w ago nonoooooo1 nonoooooo1

    You were allready fit for a 17yo guy 😉

  • 47w ago mgdarling mgdarling

    Wow, thanks for sharing this. It makes me understand your dedication and friendly attitude.

  • 45w ago yousexything1 yousexything1

    20KG 10cm what progression :)

  • 45w ago aksarge aksarge

    Congratulations on staying true to your family, to who YOU are and what you wanted to become... and for not losing sight of the true friends that stayed by you during it all... it takes a strong man to be able to look inward and be able to talk about the things that were once difficult for him in his life... xo

  • 45w ago aksarge aksarge

    ... @fabianxarnold just try to be a bit more careful with the the fur-trimmed jackets ;)

  • 43w ago arnecoppens arnecoppens

    I’m happy for you that you could close the door to your past and make a bright future for yourself! You should change yourself only to make yourself happy not for other people because all that matters is yourself and the handfull of real friends and love ones x 💪🏻

  • 41w ago michaelundag michaelundag

    That's what I'm saying about,now that's a transformation right there

  • 37w ago ma_rinello54 ma_rinello54

    Wow..!!! 😘

  • 31w ago jackkish007 jackkish007

    Sage words handsome.

  • 28w ago silver.saucedoc silver.saucedoc

    Beautiful and motivating story Fabian, thank you for sharing it with your followers, a hug.

  • 27w ago kina_matno kina_matno

    Fabian,thank you for shairing about your past. I could understand present you more than before.
    I think past you and present you are both very nice for me.
    A hard experience creates a warm heart like understand the feelings of others and strong spirit in your mind.
    I think you are nice.
    I'm cheering for you❣️

  • 27w ago 2mikewilliams 2mikewilliams

    Yeah, I read the whole text. What a great story. No stranger to these things here. Ya done good! Keep us posted on what all you are doing-send lotta pics! Stay gold! Come to America when u can: Atlanta, Dallas, Palm Beach. Best to you always!

  • 26w ago freespace93 freespace93

    a story like me. I can not start again 🤔😕

  • 25w ago forevertonite68 forevertonite68

    You are the # 01 champions sweetheart ... I am always thinking about you sweetheart

  • 19w ago planetgretchen planetgretchen

    What an incredible inspiring post. Determination and will is are there is. So happy for you, Fabian for making a better life for yourself. Lots of love and best wishes for the future. 💪😍

  • 15w ago ivanalvarez2017 ivanalvarez2017

    Wow ... Fabian. I am touched by your story. Now I know a little bit more about you. I admire you. You have my sympathy. I hope my comments never offend you. I always have a lot of fun going thru all your pictures. Hugs

  • 14w ago chada.89 chada.89

    @fabianxarnold love your story🙂🙂

  • 14w ago strahinjaminic_official strahinjaminic_official

    Zu allererst vielen Dank für deine Ehrlichkeit, Fabian. Mit großen Respekt unterstütze ich deine persönliche Entwicklung und kann aufgrund eigener Erfahrung deine damalige Situation komplett nachvollziehen. Wo ein Ziel ist, ist auch ein Weg. #NEVERGIVEUP 🙌

  • 11w ago tiagofreitas_adv tiagofreitas_adv

    06/2013 = 😍
    04/2018 = 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • 11w ago anthony.mauro anthony.mauro

    such cute english lol

  • 9w ago aliaksei_pranovich aliaksei_pranovich

    great job man!

  • 2w ago joshuavmontague joshuavmontague


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