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Instagram post by @neweracap New Era Cap

There’s nothing like a classic look and a fresh new fitted! Grab your favorite team's @MLB Authentic Collection 59FIFTY today! #neweracap


  • 27w ago refreshsht refreshsht

    There's nothing like keeping those hats smelling FRESH everyday!! 😉 - 💨💨💚

  • 27w ago kushkushington kushkushington

    My 2 favorite teams will be in this years World Series Indians Dodgers but I got to go with my hometown CLEVELAND!!!!!

  • 27w ago pelotero443134 pelotero443134


  • 27w ago neilmartin79 neilmartin79

    Detroit all day long

  • 27w ago mattfraser9 mattfraser9

    Always in the @sfgiants Authentic Collection 59Fifty. 👌

  • 27w ago kings35 kings35

    That Arizona hat though 🤢. Could do without the red dots and just make it black on red

  • 27w ago jan.dosedel jan.dosedel


  • 27w ago l.a_scene l.a_scene


  • 27w ago pinsoff pinsoff


  • 27w ago 4tstv 4tstv


  • 27w ago alex_exodus_crew alex_exodus_crew


  • 27w ago ballerstatus ballerstatus


  • 27w ago mccfitted mccfitted

    Been on them!

  • 27w ago petroli_98 petroli_98

    @_mbuffalo99 aí ó

  • 27w ago lito_p_loungin lito_p_loungin

    Ain't nothing classic bout slappin ur new era logo on the side! Tacky as hell!

  • 27w ago michaelmorenotx michaelmorenotx

    I'm loving the Low Profile caps!!

  • 27w ago bojorquezjose bojorquezjose

    A classic look would exclude the flag and manufacturing it in the U.S.A. with union labor. Let's not take advantage of third world labor "giving" them sweatshop jobs in which an individual will suffer not only from poor working conditions but from a systematic cycle of poverty.

  • 27w ago ejbakos ejbakos

    Take that logo off of the side. Now!

  • 27w ago wellington5578 wellington5578


  • 27w ago jojacinto jojacinto

    #newera logo on the side 👎🏼

  • 27w ago al3xjohn al3xjohn

    You guys really ruined it by having an advertiser logo we all know that it's made by new era. Are used to purchase two are in the field caps every 2 weeks and have not purchased a single one this season since you've done that @neweracap

  • 27w ago al3xjohn al3xjohn

    I used to purchase***

  • 27w ago librarylord99 librarylord99

    New era has always had the logo on the side for years.

  • 27w ago buffalocycleboats buffalocycleboats


  • 27w ago thugmanzion thugmanzion


  • 27w ago josephjc_27 josephjc_27

    Please please please take the logo off the side of the on field hat! I've been wanting to get new Braves on field hats but don't like the change, been buying fitted Braves hats since junior high, 1993, you guys make the best hats, patiently waiting until next season, hoping they will not have the logo! @chacho_wacho

  • 27w ago harlanstone17 harlanstone17

    The factory in China makes THE WORST iterations of the "on field" caps. The quality and craftsmanship is terrible. I order my hats online and unless I am able to ask the vendor where the cap was made, I don't place an order. Additionally, it is my understanding that by contract the players do not wear the Chinese hats, so isn't it misleading to call them authentic as opposed to replicas?

  • 27w ago cesardgonz cesardgonz

    I agree with the majority of the fellas here, and all over the internet... Take that logo off!!! Please!!! 👎😷 Haven't purchased a single hat this season, my wife is thinking I must be sick or something.. It takes all the class from it!

  • 27w ago buddylefy buddylefy

    @harlanstone17 Me too !!! When a buy a cap i alway check inside for a cap made in US !!! 👍

  • 27w ago buddylefy buddylefy

    For me it's a Montreal Expos cap !!! The 80's and 90's version !!!

  • 27w ago gkpangilinan gkpangilinan

    first love without the sideflag

  • 27w ago syazanami syazanami


  • 27w ago lanasofiana lanasofiana

    @syazanami its nice

  • 27w ago gustavo_p10 gustavo_p10

    Quero comprar

  • 26w ago kasawi_the_barber kasawi_the_barber

    Mi paraisooo ❤ @arantxambarranquero

  • 24w ago taufik.cahyana taufik.cahyana


  • 24w ago j_38_c j_38_c

    You guys will lose a lot of $ from the hardcover hat collectors. Ebbets is killing you all with their quality and customer service. They are about $15 more per hat but about 10X more quality. Lose the flag and strictly make on field MLB hats in USA with USA materials.

  • 6w ago guru.cauff guru.cauff

    Not feeling the new baseball hats

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