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Instagram post by @vincetogram Vince Chong

Feel free to share your views.... This is why there is no progress in our local entertainment and business world... #rigged #favourtism #biasness #connections


  • 30w ago debsp79 debsp79

    Its true...politics is a dirty game played everywhere...

  • 30w ago rezzmatazz rezzmatazz


  • 30w ago shimasidhu shimasidhu

    Sharing this too good!

  • 30w ago calvin_pidus calvin_pidus

    True....especially those reality show 🙊🙊🙈🙈

  • 30w ago 71mariamarse 71mariamarse

    No comment on that but here its normal n natural.. They doing it on purpose to boose up their own agenda..

  • 30w ago zooeelife zooeelife

    Preach it

  • 30w ago lucky_son7 lucky_son7

    Uneducated Providers & Listeners.. sad... Music lesson in School please!!!! We need sincere & honest player in the industry itself.... Yay for the post!!!

  • 30w ago vincetogram vincetogram

    @ayambdr kan..... I agree music lessons and drama plus better facilities for schools... Jom we pitch a program

  • 30w ago lucky_son7 lucky_son7

    Lets.... dunno wether we will get the support or not 😁.. too much politics involved... Players are also not United... hmmm... 😁

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