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Instagram post by @fullertonphotography Commercial Creative

Mr.Fullerton's 10 Photography Rules!

Rule #1. If they can't afford you don't compromise your rates! You will only suffer in the end.

Rule #2. Keep your trade #secrets to your self! You will never know all the 12 herbs and spices in KFC... You just #love how it tastes!

Rule #3. Only partner with photographers on your level or suffer some epic types of bad business and personal drama ... Enough to make you stop shooting completely!

Rule #4. Love the Art, Respect the Business, and Study the Science ! Technology has made it less of an Art and more of an Applied Art! #EveryonesAphotograherNowDays

Rule #5. Real clients pay upfront!
Rule #6. Paper Work, Paper Work, Paper Work. Real professionals have model releases.

Rule #7. Keep the haters away! Jealousy and Envy breed hate.
Rule #8. Even if they we're in the dark room with you it doesn't mean they have exposed as much film as you! Be Wise! "Their can be only one" Highlander Quote!
Rule #9. Don't fall in love with your subjects! Stay in love with your craft! Even if it's your high school crush...! Rule #10. If it's to good to be true get it in writing! Or get blinded by the #Flash
Still #winning much the #wiser #MrFullerton
Even #Superman3 lost his powers once! #IntoTheSun #Recharged #ReFocused

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