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Oil painting in my #handbooksketchbook using the zorn palette. I have been practicing painting this month using #watercolor, #gouache, #oilpaint, and #acrylicpaint to see which mediums I like working with the most. So far I am loving watercolor ( of course) and gouache. I will definitely continue to practice in oils and acrylics but they are definitely harder to work with.
For this painting I used the zorn palette which is another focus for this month and I love how the colors look together.
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  • 47w ago elementpaints elementpaints

    What painting genre do you love the absolute most? Performing some preliminary research on a new article. Searching for responses from anyone :D

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  • 47w ago brandylatrieceart brandylatrieceart

    @elementpaints since the beginning of my learning experience I have attempted portrait art, still life, and landscapes. So far portraits seems to be my focus but that's because it seems to be what I am getting better at. I would love to do other subjects like genre painting and landscapes or even still life form time to time but I have a lot more to learn.

  • 47w ago elementpaints elementpaints

    @_thebrandychronicles two peas from the same pod! I also love portraits ;) great work btw

  • 47w ago brandylatrieceart brandylatrieceart

    @elementpaints thank you. Would love to see some of your work.

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