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🔙You cannot hold another man down and stand tall yourself. Truth is you need to loose your position first before you hold someone down. You can't fix yourself by breaking others. Insecure people put down others to make themselves feel good. You can never make yourself feel well by making others feel bad. You need to understand that insecurities it's a disease and only the person who suffers from it can make changes. You can never win with insecure people. They find find faults in everyone and everything around them. No one wins with them. Nevertheless pray for those who belittle and talk bad about you. Their issues didn't start with you. It's rooted to can try to change them yourself. Respond in love and prayers and refuse to be in the audience of their low self esteem drama filled show. The only way to win with low self esteem and toxic people is not to play. Don't wrestle with pigs because they get pleasure while you get dirty. #tbt #instagram #menstyle #photooftheday #instaday #instadaily #igers #mphoentlelanga #menswear #nike #realtalk #dope #dapper #truth #relationshipgoals #pastorbae #mensfashion


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    That smile.... 😍

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    👊🏽My bro

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    This is very true. Last night I was meditating on Col 1:25-27 this scripture came to mind when I was thinking of someone who is insecure and has tried his level best to make me a miserable person, and to make me feel just as insecure as he is. The key thought in that scripture is "Christ in you, the hope of glory." Through dependence upon Christ, who dwells in us, we can break free from bondage of sin. When dealing dealing with difficult people in your life, thank God for the challenge because he has given you his spirit and that is more than enough to deal with them. Allow God to be God and let Him deal with them.

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    He can dress it up or down.. so sexy

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    True bhuti.

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    O belege ke mang mara wena? U look the right way and post all the right things all the time. Can ure parents adopt me tuuu???? Lol

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    God of swag

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