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My body has been telling me enough is enough of some of the things I used to enjoy. Like red meat.... Red meat and I have an abusive relationship! I keep running back to hurts me. Well I figured it was time to move on and try changing my diet a bit. Even red meat once a week was leaving me feeling like shit. So... Going to try something new. But... Warning to all turkeys and shell fish. I'll still eat your whole damn face off. 😊😚 #thugkitchen #afrovegan #bryantterry


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  • 60w ago forthosewhogrind forthosewhogrind

    @mrtjhoward maaaaaan and then it hurt sOoooo bad , player!

  • 60w ago wandasworld963_ wandasworld963_

    Yes... i have both books. Started the #noredmeat last month, it was hard, but we did it.πŸ˜€ Next month is dairy. #onestepatatime Good luck πŸ‘

  • 60w ago bizzerk_almasy bizzerk_almasy

    I got the Thug Kitchen cook book from my in laws a few months ago. Took me awhile to see it was vegetarian, but I was cool.

  • 60w ago laurahatchett58 laurahatchett58

    It happens man! So just red meat? Try a ground chx or turkey burger add fresh basil and feta cheese! Dayum son those are good!

  • 60w ago forthosewhogrind forthosewhogrind

    @mrtjhoward with freckles even

  • 60w ago nikksan nikksan

    Have both of those. Got rid of all meat this Jan.

  • 60w ago bitebybitejax bitebybitejax

    Ughhh....I know this is probably a change I need to make. Buts I loveeee the beef.

  • 60w ago fatboystruggle fatboystruggle

    four of my friends have gone vegan over the last year and a half. it was only supposed to be temporary, for a month or so, but it was so life changing that they stuck with it. i love wings, pork chops and cheese WAY too much, lol. i have incorporated some of their habits into my every day though. a lot of that food isn't bad at all.

  • 60w ago chemical.sins_kthx chemical.sins_kthx

    Thug Kitchen is the shiiiiiit. I love the way the instructions are written and they're pretty easy to follow. I need to find my physical copy again so I can start cooking vegan again. I feel you on the red meat but I just love it so much. Lol

  • 60w ago forthosewhogrind forthosewhogrind

    @bitebybitejax do I wanna do it? No! Should I do it? Yeah. I don't love beef enough to endure the gunky feeling I get when I have it

  • 60w ago forthosewhogrind forthosewhogrind

    @chemical.sins_kthx yeah I'm reading it right now and cracking up. Lots if this stuff sounds hella tasty

  • 60w ago lokdnlovlee lokdnlovlee

    I need to let it go too. 😣

  • 60w ago blackstache_runner blackstache_runner

    How are the books treating you so far?

  • 60w ago forthosewhogrind forthosewhogrind

    @blackstache_runner got me shopping for Things I have never looked for before!!

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