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"You are not a drop in the ocean, you are the entire ocean in a drop." -Rumi #connected #onewiththeONE

So all my friends on IG have been posting symbols and angel cards about moving forward. Assuring me I'm not stuck! Yay! Not stuck anymore!

See we, as spiritual beings having a human experience, are always expanding. The universe is always seeking to express itself through us in many ways. So if you're feeling stuck, stagnant or even disillusioned then I say, "Hallelujah!"

You might be thinking, "What?! Missy crazy?!" Well, I won't deny that BUT I say this because I can see the beauty of discontent. Having been stuck myself I know it's only a precursor to greatness, to freedom, to actually doing something you LOVE!

Yes, I say REJOICE that you are no longer happy with normal. REJOICE that you are ready for a bigger experience of LIFE/LOVE/PURPOSE! AND REJOICE that this ick feeling is showing up now in the way it is and not some other very uncomfortable way! Or maybe it is so uncomfortable you're ready to make a change. See? This proves that you are in tune with the Universe/Source/Self.

So I'm telling you, keep listening to that small loving voice that is nudging you to try something different. ☺️❤️

If you desire help getting really clear about how you can use your gifts, talents and skills to be happy healthy and fulfilled then join my FB group (link in bio @missyarellano888) and stay tuned for some really good goodness!

#rememberyourtruth #ownyourgreatness #rumiLOVE🌟


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