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i was starting to feel all proud and smart that i am finally beating the birds at this game. and then i realize, they actually always win at eating the biggest blueberries and the ripest mulberries.


  • 56w ago brokebackdesert brokebackdesert


  • 56w ago doogladron doogladron

    That because the biggest blueberries and ripest mulberries aren't meant for humans, silly

  • 56w ago yenphan2005 yenphan2005

    Wow Di Ha. Are those mulberries like the berries from Vietnam?

  • 56w ago thuha510 thuha510

    @doogladron this is true. however, i finally learned to cage my blueberry bushes so those assholes are eating way less of them than me.

  • 56w ago thuha510 thuha510

    @yenphan2005 yes! but definitely not as good as in vn. bao giờ cháu qua lấy cây chuối?

  • 56w ago yenphan2005 yenphan2005

    Ngay nao Di ranh Di cho chau biet chau se qua lay cay chuoi.

  • 56w ago jenmeiwu jenmeiwu

    Wow they are breaking through a cage to get to the berries? Dang. At least they left you with some of the beautiful berries!

  • 56w ago thuha510 thuha510

    @jenmeiwu the bottom had an opening so they found a way inside anyways.

  • 54w ago kenbrynner kenbrynner

    Good One

  • 54w ago avkeough avkeough

    Still. Amazing

  • 43w ago psorensenarts psorensenarts

    So yummmmy


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