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Instagram post by @tommysmith____ Tommy Smith

Our first un-assisted driving lesson didn't go as planned.. Maybe next time we will actually get the car from park to drive🚘 #everleigh #loveherlaugh #mylife #everleighrosee


  • 35w ago deborah_90xo deborah_90xo

    Hope your starter survived

  • 35w ago emoryannette emoryannette

    Awww so adorable love her laugh

  • 35w ago jeanettefilkins jeanettefilkins

    Love her. Maybe in a few more years she can tear up the road! 💜💛💚💙

  • 35w ago francesca_olson francesca_olson

    omg i love her😻

  • 35w ago tommysmith____ tommysmith____

    She will be my personal chauffeur when she can actually see over the wheel😂 @jeanettefilkins

  • 35w ago rubyoneill06 rubyoneill06

    Awww so cute 💖

  • 35w ago baymckenzie baymckenzie

    Oh that laugh 😩😍

  • 34w ago tayannmarie_ tayannmarie_

    shes got one little contagious laugh. she's adorable, you seem like a wonderful father to everleigh.

  • 34w ago tommysmith____ tommysmith____

    @tayannmarie_ I love her laugh it's the funniest thing ever! She sometimes can't stop laughing, I had that same problem when I was a kid

  • 34w ago tayannmarie_ tayannmarie_

    shes one crazy ball of energy, isnt she? what a pretty little goofball she is.

  • 34w ago melos0204 melos0204

    As a Cole&Sav fan, it 100% looks like you love your daughter everleigh so much, i can feel how much u do. I feel sorry that she calls Cole dad but i just wanted to tell you that you are everleighs dad, no matter what happens. And im sure everleigh wont forget the fact forever. I hope you and everleigh spend time and have fun like always. (Btw everleigh looks so much like you haha such a cute couple)

  • 33w ago kittycrazy247 kittycrazy247

    Love her so much god bless her

  • 32w ago shelby.gray1121 shelby.gray1121

    pretty soon she will be driving

  • 32w ago saralewiz saralewiz

    what an angel! oh my 🌸🌸🌸

  • 31w ago laura.pinzon71 laura.pinzon71


  • 31w ago madisoncarter79 madisoncarter79

    I love it how u and Everleigh bond together love it

  • 23w ago khloe_bumfor_love_me khloe_bumfor_love_me

    Teach her how to drive

  • 17w ago haleystarr12 haleystarr12

    @sig0204 I️ agree

  • 1w ago alannahmadill alannahmadill

    Hahah her laugh

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