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- 1. Outside: The Nathan Adler Diaries: A Hyper-cycle - David Bowie - BMG/Arista/RCA (Europe) Virgin (US) - Recorded March – November 1994; January – February 1995 - Mountain Studios, (inside Montreux Casino), Montreux Switzerland; additional treatments by David Richards (assisted by Bowie); Mastered by David Richards and Kevin Metcalfe at the TownHouse Digital Mastering Studios, West London, England - Released 25 September 1995 - Produced by Brian Eno, David Bowie & David Richards - Bowie...when I hear that name, often, the word that comes to mind is innovator. 1. Outside was ahead of its time as most Bowie/Eno collaborations were. Obviously the album's design is very of its time. A mixture of cyber-punk, post-industrial, Internet future crime, hacker's paradise de jour...but at the time was a revelation to mainstream record buyers. The album is one of the more underrated concept albums in the pantheon of great concept albums. Very Peter Gabriel Genesis meets Nine Inch Nails. The story revolves around a somewhat dystopian version of the year 1999 in which the government, through its arts commission, had created a new bureau to investigate the phenomenon of Art Crime. In this future, murder and mutilation of bodies had become a new underground art craze. The main character, Nathan Adler, was in the business of deciding what of this was legally acceptable as art and what was, in a word, trash. Amazing meditation on the eternal question: "What is art?" This album dropped long after most of the world turned its back on David Bowie. This is the era when Bowie headlined a tour with NIN, but half the audience would leave after NIN's set leaving Bowie to play to half empty auditoriums. Shameful. If your exploration of Bowie ends at Let's Dance and starts again with ★ I highly recommend you give his 90's stuff a listen. Starting here and then continuing with his other foray into drum and bass/industrial 1997's Earthling. Preferably on vinyl if you can. This 2015 Friday Music RTI 2xLP 33rpm on white colored vinyl sounds phenomenal, especially for colored vinyl, which usually has some auditory issues.



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