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Instagram post by @lisaatinnervate Lisa Brown

Not a morning person... really...Are you sure? Or is that just the story you tell yourself so you feel better about hitting the snooze button over and over, dragging your ass out of bed, running late for work so you don't make time to eat and therefore grab a high sugar, processed snack and coffee to see you through to lunch etc etc?
Smug 'morning person' jibber jabber... It's 8.23am. I've already had my coffee, a chat with my local tradie mates at the cafe, ran hill sprints and stairs with my #coogeechicksthatlift, had brekkie, showered, taken the dog out for a walk and am already on the hustle re the business of fitness.
I'm not gonna lie I hit the sack no later than 9pm and I get up at 5am. No snooze. This works for me. Therefore I gets lots done and 8.00am feels late in the day for me. Boom.
There are many who prefer to train in the evenings, work in the evenings and are at their best re productivity in the evenings. If this is you then go ahead and wear the badge of 'not a morning person' with pride. I love how we are all so beautifully unique as humans.
For others I suggest a lil check in with yourself: ask yourself if you are simply dragging your ass through the day with intentions to train, eat well, make more time for yourself etc etc after work but failing to do so because you're too tired, too busy, too fatigued and so never achieving any of your intentions in the evening. When this happens a vicious circle ensues.
There is a common theme with successful people who are winning at life: A kick ass morning ritual.
Now, think about the question again: Are you a morning person or simply telling yourself you're not????? Smug morning person jibber jabber over n out #coogeechicksthatlift #coogee #coogeebeach #personaltrainer #personaltrainercoogee #coogeepersonaltrainer #coogeepersonaltraining #fit #fitness #fitnessaddict #fitnessmotivation #fitnessfreak #fitnessgirl #fitnesswomen #fitnessjunkie #fitnesswoman #fitfam #fitspo #boom #chicksthatlift #lifting #workout #fitpro #weightlifting #igfitness #lift #lifting #kettlebell #kettlebells #strengthtraining


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