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Meet Muffin and Cyril

Here are two lovely cats that SFHFC rescued earlier this year and are now two of our newest residents.
They had both been taken to the vets and had tested positive for FIV. With no other charity being able to take them SFHFC stepped in to ensure the safety of these cats. Sadly in a lot of these situations the cats aren't as lucky as Muffin and Cyril and are needlessly euthanised, mainly due to the misconceptions that surround the Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, otherwise known as being FIV+. They have been with SFHFC for a couple of months now and although I've not yet met them myself I hear from Kay that they are both doing well and have settled into their temporary accommodation very well.

So please share if you know anybody who is looking to home a cat and may be able to give an FIV+ cat the second chance that they thoroughly deserve.

For more information about FIV please visit our website or go to where there is lots of helpful information.


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