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Next up for a custom paint job, dead scared of this one thou! It blew a brand new Amp into a silent eternal mute! 😱 still, it needs a proper signed paint job!
#custompedal #ampdestroyer #paintjob #fiercefuzz #custombuild #superfuzz #scarygear


  • 61w ago lynchguy lynchguy

    "The Idiots Run the show" great tone! What gear, guitar -

  • 61w ago lynchguy lynchguy

    Sick and Tired, do I hear that LP Jr with those. P-90's

  • 61w ago lynchguy lynchguy

    Doing Fine, are you sure your not Butch Walker -

  • 61w ago prestonframe prestonframe

    @lynchguy Esquire as usual, foundation and the The custom shop '57 Goldtop on top i believe!

  • 61w ago prestonframe prestonframe

    @lynchguy same, doubletracking Esquire with Goldie! No P90 on this album cause of the hum!

  • 61w ago prestonframe prestonframe

    @lynchguy I have to investigate Butch Walker ancestor deal, he sounds way happier thou!

  • 61w ago larcro59 larcro59



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