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  • 73w ago howzithowzit howzithowzit

    Fish sticks!

  • 73w ago trxryder trxryder

    Those are some tasty looking fishes 😋

  • 73w ago kill3rkitt3ns kill3rkitt3ns

    Killer cold catch 🐟🔪💎

  • 73w ago kramercustomknives kramercustomknives

    How much longer does the foam insulation give you for shelf life?

  • 73w ago southardknives southardknives

    @kramercustomknives no idea. But it certainly doesn't hurt it. Been meaning to build a fully insulated box for it.

  • 73w ago brnoborn brnoborn

    Great idea! I don't think that I would have ever thought of using a magnet.

  • 73w ago pohanleu pohanleu

    @southardknives thought it was a salt bath at first 🔥🔥

  • 73w ago the_last_canadian_boyscout the_last_canadian_boyscout

    Cool 😉

  • 73w ago jimmyf1312 jimmyf1312

    Fuck taking the time to put gloves on

  • 73w ago hullguitars hullguitars

    How do you go about using liquid nitrogen and how do you get a hold of it? How long does it normally last? Is it expensive? Thanks for the information this is pretty cool

  • 73w ago southardknives southardknives

    @jimmyf1312 the leidenfrost effect will nearly always save you skin with momentary contact something that cold. One of those situations where sometimes the "safety" equipment you should use is actually more dangerous because it can absorb or hold the liquid right up against you skin, giving time for you skins temperature to drop below freeze and cause serious damage. Sometimes is safer to ignore the logic and trust the science.

  • 73w ago southardknives southardknives

    @hullguitars welding supply shops. You'll need a dewar to transport it. Mine is 10L dewar. Which lasts me about a month. Cost very much depends on if you have a local source. Or if it's being trucked in. Unfortunately it's being trucked into Tucson. So I pay around $60 a full.

  • 73w ago salt_emoji salt_emoji

    Luckily they were still magnetic

  • 73w ago reaperaz155 reaperaz155

    In my best Ernie from Sesame Street. "Heeeeeere fishy fishy fishy!!!"

  • 73w ago stellabird923 stellabird923

    "Leidenfrost" 🤔

  • 51w ago craftlabknives craftlabknives

    Did your wires snap then? One of my fears with mine but now I know how to fish for them 👍

  • 51w ago southardknives southardknives

    @craftlabknives yup. But a stick and a magnet make quick work of that.

  • 51w ago craftlabknives craftlabknives

    @southardknives magnet power is the way to go. Even got metal out of my eye before now with one. Saves a trip to A&E 👍

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