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Instagram post by @lisaatinnervate Lisa Brown

Are you sitting up straight? Then I'll begin.... Just had a workout at my local commercial gym. I happened to observe a woman asking her friend why she was using the reverse fly machine. She responded that she needed to fix her posture (she had a forward neck posture and rounded shoulders and what looked like a pretty tight thoracic spine) and said a friend had told her this machine would fix it.
I then observed the same woman go onto a Power Mill Step Machine and adopt an aggressive hunch position (full flexion) whilst grabbing the high rails for dear life as she went hard on the machine for the duration of her step workout. She walked past me on the way out adopting a really poor hunch position.

There is obviously no way that a couple of reverse flyes are going to help this woman's posture. I really wanted to have a chat and tell her to:

start becoming aware of her posture whilst walking, working, moving, living
stop any overhead or horizontal pushing and focus purely (for now) on pulling exercises
check her ergonomics at work re her work station
see a decent health practitioner to get some decent massage
work with a PT who can show her mobilisations, exercises and stretches to change her movement mechanics
but most importantly get off the fooking stepper in that crazy ass position... her older self will thank me.
Poor posture results from some muscles tightening up or shortening while others lengthen and become weak. This happens over time. One set of reverse flyes will not fix this stuff.
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