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#techniquetuesday TIPS & HACKS! PLEASE READ: I get many questions especially from dancers, parents of my dancers & adult beginners to ballet. So I've decided to try something new (at least new to me, I usually dont do anytype of weekly/scheduled posts...I'm so random with my page). I'm thinking of doing a weekly feature EVERY TUESDAY for TECHNIQUE TIPS/TRICKS/HACKS!!!
PLEASE LIKE AND COMMENT 👇, IF YOU GUYS WOULD LIKE TO SEE MORE WEEKLY TIPS AND HACKS FOR TECHNIQUE TUESDAY! If so I was thinking I would do a variety on steps, combinations, variations, videos and also dancer hacks I've learned over my 33 year dance training, coaching & choreography life (some are PRICELESS 😘). Even more, I would love to know what YOU GUYS WOULD LOVE TO SEE and may do a monthly Q&A of requests of what tips your interested...SO PLEASE LET ME KNOW, COMMENT BELOW.

So often when teaching, I see struggle with Penchés...specifically with leading with the chest dropping down while leg rises behind, instead of the proper way which is to lift that arebesque leg while keeping chest up to its highest point behind you and THEN letting your upper body follow naturally in opposition to the working leg. This is something I find I'm often giving corrections on when coaching, and see corrections given by many of my own instructors to several dancers in my classes. Here is a great quick reference breakdown I found that illustrates this well. .
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  • 49w ago barrebyrenee barrebyrenee

    Perfect way to explain it!

  • 49w ago bunhead_ladye_melody bunhead_ladye_melody

    Really I wish that in.the dance world nobody is blessed with hyper extended legs and I would feel intimidated or envious alot of times but yes its best to keep on practicing to the best of your ability and famous ballerina I know Margot Fontyen who is so a respectable and a role model for just being yourself and share the art with others be natrual.

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  • 48w ago topnotchfaces topnotchfaces

    @barrebyrenee thank you love

  • 48w ago topnotchfaces topnotchfaces

    @ladye_melody thank you. I often felt this way, as I have no hyper extension anywhere, my back is not the most flexible and I have a really bad knee that limits jumping and some up/down mobility. As a competitive dancer growing up I never had great arches, in fact they are flat w/low. For the most part I used to get super intimidated coming back as an adult every time I walked in any class...what I realized is like you said I'm dancing for no one but me, for my love of the art, and to improve my progress. I teach because I love the art and want to share that with all who embrace it. I now walk in and determine I'm going to work to my comfortable best and not sweat the small stuff. Thank you for sharing your beauty ballet friend.

  • 48w ago bunhead_ladye_melody bunhead_ladye_melody

    Your welcome honey

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