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When no one stocks swamp cooler pads in the size your swamp cooler takes. You have to cut your own. Not gonna lie. Bandsaw worked better than expected.


  • 66w ago cmfmetalworks cmfmetalworks

    Swamp cooler a worthy investment?

  • 66w ago effenberk_knives effenberk_knives

    @cmfmetalworks If you live somewhere with low humidity they're great.

  • 66w ago southardknives southardknives

    @cmfmetalworks it's what I got so it's what I use. Like @effenberk_knives said. Great when the humidity is low.

  • 66w ago effenberk_knives effenberk_knives

    I live in Florida, and every once in a while an outdoor restaurant owner will buy the fans with the water sprayers on them. In Michigan, they work great. Where the humidity is 85%, they just get you wet.

  • 66w ago rsnblmn rsnblmn

    My office is adjacent to a warehouse where they use them and I can vouch it's freaking freezing when they're running. Colorado is definitely pretty dry though.

  • 66w ago howzithowzit howzithowzit

    Is this to protect your family from swamp donkeys?

  • 66w ago zodiaceng zodiaceng

    Bandsaw works great for scotch brite pads too if you buy the roll.

  • 66w ago eldontalleyknives eldontalleyknives

    I use my band saw for all kinds of special projects too.

  • 65w ago sandsockgear sandsockgear



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