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Here's my attempt at a photograph of a gun in a standing position. Does anyone know how all those photographs of 1911's floating at 45 degrees angles - often backlit with neon - with gear behind are taken? #limitedskills #keepingitreal


  • 55w ago josh_goes_pewpew josh_goes_pewpew

    You can send one to me, and I will work on technique and teach you.

  • 55w ago cabotguns cabotguns

    @josh_goes_pewpew Ha! Thanks for the offer.

  • 55w ago g_harris239 g_harris239

    Probably a pen and the right angle

  • 55w ago josh_goes_pewpew josh_goes_pewpew

    @cabotguns Im Just Being Considerate

  • 55w ago dustinhasinstagram dustinhasinstagram

    They make rubber coated wire bent to go in the barrel and let the gun sit at an angle. If you search gun storage kikstands on amazon you can see what they are. A lot of people make them. The key is get one that lets the grip touch the table so it angles and hides the base of the stand


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