Instagram post by @handlettery_studio Vicky

I thought I'd try carving on actual lino, and I quite like it! While I still love the pink speedy carve blocks you've seen me use before, I can carve better details and the blocks will last longer too. Also it's wayyy less expensive, so yay! I miss that pink speedy carve colour though, this lino isn't very pretty 🤔 #handlettery_prints .

I actually carved an outline piece for this print, but I decided against using it because I like how it looks without it. .

I wanted to thank you lovelies for sticking around! I know I've been a little absent from social media lately. I've been busy with graphic design work, client work, and I wanted to focus on that for a while. I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things soon, thanks for your patience ❤


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