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Translation (It may not 100% accurate)
The8 : First of all, today I'm very because Mingyu came back from the jungle without getting hurt.
SK : Daebak naseyo~
The8 : *savagely* I was talking
Jeonghan : Yah, The8 was talking! He seriously talking but if you're like that, what should we do?
Jeonghan : *talking about he feels uncomfortable with his low neckline and was embarrassed*
DK : Me too
(DK "me too" is actually saying he's bothered by his attire not because he's bothered by Jeonghan's shirt then all attention was shifted to DK and some member are pointed to his outfit, then SK was like "Wait this is... Ummm" Then Jeonghan)
Jeonghan : Yah I was talking 😂😂
170624 At Gangnam Fansign
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