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Minty 250 lb Soderfors saw tuning anvil. Incredible shape, with a nearly 6" face. Perfect edges. Clear maker mark. Datemarked 1926. For sale, please send a message for price/info. #anvil #blacksmith #blacksmithing #forge #vintagetools #antique #soderfors


  • 89w ago jarntagforge jarntagforge

    According to the Swedish Wikipedia Strömfors ("White water stream") started out making anchors and grapnels using trip hammers and thr stream nearby. Later they were given permission to produce wrought iron bars. It changed owners many times until the director for East India Trading Co. bought it, Claes Grill, whose family owned it for 150 years. In the late 1800s they started making less anchors and a modern industry was being built up alongside the ironworks. And in 1874 Strömfors got connected to the main rail way system. Nowadays it's Sweden's largest Listed building(s). Culture preservation. There was a whole society around the ironworks. Nowadays there's a restaurant in the railway station and most buildings are still standing, blacksmith's quarters and so on.

  • 89w ago whitetrashtactical whitetrashtactical

    How long is the face?

  • 89w ago whitetrashtactical whitetrashtactical

    And how much?

  • 89w ago vintagetoolworks vintagetoolworks

    @jarntagforge that is very interesting, thanks for sharing this information. I'd love to visit the place!

  • 89w ago vintagetoolworks vintagetoolworks

    @whitetrashtactical I'll send you a message along with the face measurement 👍

  • 88w ago jarntagforge jarntagforge

    No problem. And I meant Söderfors, south stream, Strömfors (white water stream) is an ironworks in Finland with a restored trip hammer.

  • 88w ago vintagetoolworks vintagetoolworks

    @jarntagforge I've tried to find the wikipedia page but can't. Do you mind sending the link? I'd like to learn more about Soderfors.

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