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Instagram post by @michaelmalice Michael Malice

THE KIOSKS ARE HERE!!! No more cashiers. It's so beautiful that I can't stop crying #fightfor15


  • 19w ago nomikikonst nomikikonst

    Make it stop. Human interaction is a good thing.

  • 19w ago amvelella amvelella

    Who could have possibly predicted this 🤔

  • 19w ago creepbabyjane creepbabyjane

    Those kids are definitely going to be sterile

  • 19w ago z.cowa z.cowa

    If someone can figure out how to build car's without people. What makes people think fast food is going to be problem.

  • 19w ago chadpolenz chadpolenz

    I'm actually not a fan. It's much quicker and easier to tell the cashier what you want. Besides, they're probably not gonna install kiosks in the drive thru

  • 19w ago scottdavis44 scottdavis44

    @nomikikonst yea until those humans start demanding outrageous pay for the work they do

  • 19w ago mikebranc mikebranc

    No!!!! Efficiency and innovation!!! Damn you!!!!!

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