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  • 62w ago ant_406 ant_406

    I haven't finished it yet.... need to get back into it though

  • 62w ago darjanator darjanator

    Haven't gotten that far yet... Should get back into the game. Only 22 hours in. 😫

  • 62w ago darim90 darim90

    Yessss you're doing it!

  • 62w ago 313gamer 313gamer

    Never played it.... whoops.

  • 62w ago novyrr19 novyrr19

    Did one run-through with each. Although the books (and game) sets you up for Yen, I think I prefer Triss. Excellent Triss look, too.

  • 62w ago jtholmes90 jtholmes90

    @fae.cosplay welp I guess I shoulda played it but since I didn't I'll just look at you instead

  • 62w ago jtholmes90 jtholmes90

    @fae.cosplay ok now I realize how creepy that was sorry about that.

  • 62w ago voodoo1285 voodoo1285


  • 62w ago adamlomas_ adamlomas_

    Always Triss! Unless you are allowing Shani then it's her :) For some reason I never liked Yen :(

  • 62w ago presdeejus presdeejus

    I was going to write something clever but I forgot what it was. 😨

  • 62w ago redbull008695 redbull008695

    Beautiful eyes

  • 62w ago spoonmore spoonmore


  • 62w ago deno8818 deno8818

    Breathtaking 🖤

  • 62w ago norn_ur_nordri norn_ur_nordri

    Merigold always!

  • 54w ago the_don_esteban the_don_esteban

    simply amazing!

  • 47w ago angrylittlegartho angrylittlegartho

    If Triss had looked this good then maybe I wouldn't have chosen Kiera 😜


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