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Instagram post by @drstanakatic Stana Katic


  • 18w ago die_zuckerschnecken die_zuckerschnecken


  • 18w ago sigruneyjolfs sigruneyjolfs

    Beautiful place

  • 18w ago dominguezemma01 dominguezemma01

    Stana notice meee

  • 18w ago inaki_landazabal inaki_landazabal

    Enjoy the way😊 beautiful photo and place🌴

  • 18w ago absentiaseries absentiaseries

    Looks very #JurassicPark 🐊🚧

  • 18w ago tabeatietze tabeatietze

    That looks like a rather nice place, though !

  • 18w ago monikaisherenow monikaisherenow

    One of my favourite places. 🎋🍃

  • 18w ago lenaj316 lenaj316

    It looks unique 😇

  • 18w ago hannahkephotography hannahkephotography

    What a beautiful patk

  • 18w ago carlopistacchio90 carlopistacchio90

    Wooow!beautiful place!!!

  • 18w ago amii_na78 amii_na78

    Agree with @absentiaseries Be careful with those dinosaurs,they can be dangerous sometimes! #YouHaveBeenWarned 🚨 @drstanakatic

  • 18w ago stanakatefan stanakatefan

    It's such a gorgeous place!

  • 18w ago shapeofyourlifenow shapeofyourlifenow

    Savor the moment. Breathe it in...discover beauty

  • 18w ago julijabahun julijabahun

    This is beautiful😍

  • 18w ago stanakaticbrasil stanakaticbrasil

    @absentiaseries 😂😂😂

  • 18w ago polyanna.azevedo.1 polyanna.azevedo.1

  • 18w ago tgeraldizo38 tgeraldizo38

    .... The greenery and other Nature's work of Art is all worth it, that in the grand scheme of things... there is an Almighty and taking care of His Creation!!! Thank's God!

  • 18w ago dia.stanatic47 dia.stanatic47

    Just a daily reminder that you are amazing and I love you so much! 😘I can't wait to see you in #Absentia I'm sure you will be slaying...😏❤😍 @drstanakatic

  • 18w ago dia.stanatic47 dia.stanatic47

    Are you going to attend more film festivals during the summer, to promote #Absentia? 😉😍 I miss seeing you on my screen...😂😜❤ @drstanakatic

  • 18w ago newsofinterest newsofinterest

    Are you bad person?

  • 18w ago f_l.o.w.e.r.s f_l.o.w.e.r.s

  • 18w ago macmillanmaggie macmillanmaggie

    You do not know how much you are loved @drstanakatic much love from Scotland

  • 18w ago melispinner melispinner

    Where are you going to be next? Are there any plans yet?

  • 18w ago isabelmoraes89 isabelmoraes89

    Love it na

  • 18w ago augustapugno augustapugno

    Un posto incantevole ❤️❤️ buona passeggiata con chi ami ❤️❤️🐕Grazie X la condivisione !!! 💋💋💋

  • 18w ago maureen.bridges maureen.bridges

    enjoy your walk in the park stana 🚶💜

  • 18w ago adahmorrison adahmorrison

    Beautiful place...beautiful picture! You are ALWAYS amazing!! Love you, Adah

  • 18w ago corwynne17 corwynne17

    Can you please check your dm

  • 18w ago blitzkrieg810 blitzkrieg810

    That's a pretty place. My friends and I love it there as well as the amazing Getty Museum. 👍👍👍

  • 18w ago kaarekramer kaarekramer

    Nice view

  • 18w ago remarkablebeckett remarkablebeckett

    It looks beautiful😍😍

  • 18w ago jeburcham jeburcham

    "For his invisible qualities are clearly seen from the world's creation onward..." Rom 1:20

  • 18w ago coopurmatis coopurmatis

    Hello Stana, What a Fantastic Black and White caption photo you have come up with in your post to-day, its a beautiful photo of the "Botanical Gardens" in "Huntington Park", which is situated in "Los Angelese County San Marino", Have you ever been there Stana , The title of this photo "AWalkInThePark" suggests that you have, Did you have a romantic walk with Kris there, it looks a smashing place for a romantic walk, your text also reads "HuntingtonLibrary",I ve read some marvelous things about this place I would love to go there, But my chances of ever doing that are very slim, There is not only the gardens but lots of other interests after all it is an a educational and research institution, Have you and Kris ever visited the Library? I bet you have, You certainly do lead an amazing life Stana, And we get to share quite a lot of it through your eye`s and your incredible posts, I ve learnt so much from them please keep sending them Stana, Thank you for sharing this Fantastic black and white photo of the Botanical Gardens with us on instagram, I am a Huge Fan of yours from the UK, I hope you and Kris have a Fantastic week, Dont forget to have some down time as well, Take Care Stana, Lots of Love, Be Safe and God Bless.

  • 18w ago ami.i.a ami.i.a

    Beautiful 😘

  • 18w ago 19_joanne_87 19_joanne_87

    @absentiaseries lol! I agree!!! 😂😂😂

  • 18w ago christinasmalls1940 christinasmalls1940

    We have a lot of beautiful gardens in the UK Stana you should come and see them. I would love to show you myself but I know that's never going to happen. The number one thing on my bucket list would be to meet you in person.

  • 18w ago snow_george snow_george


  • 18w ago tracipurtan tracipurtan

    Gorgeous. You can find many adventures in a Library 📚!💙💜💖❤️😘😘😘

  • 8w ago zillygirl2 zillygirl2

    One of the most amazing places I've ever visited. I was there 25 years ago & it's stuck with me since.

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