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@grahamsnaturalcurls @mixdgrlprblems @mixed_girl_problems_ @geminichronicles @frogirlginny @emmas_curls @thecurlsquad #mixedpresent @kinopablo @nourishskinrange Mix-d: Statement. What are your thoughts??Let's be honest, who doesn't want to feel loved??? Mainstream brands are missing out from 'fear of getting it wrong'. Today's mixed population do not want to be poster children for racial equality; nor do they want to be targets of ongoing racial biases or the cause of tension. They simple want to see their true identity reflected in its full form. They want to see their unique needs met in the mainstream and to 'love' what they see - without concession. They want to feel fully human for fitting in and for standing out. No more and no less than anyone else. What are your thoughts??? #justsaying #buildingabrand #mixedracediscussions #mixdhair #mixdstatement #remoteworking


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  • 11w ago curly_ash_ curly_ash_

    ✊🏽 well said❤️

  • 11w ago mixdhair mixdhair

    @curly_ash_ thank you. 👌

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    ❤️❤️ I love this so much

  • 11w ago mixdhair mixdhair

    I @i_am_my_curls ❤️

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    Well said!! 😍👌🏽👏🏽

  • 11w ago thecurlsquad thecurlsquad

    Exactly, very well said. We can and should be able to love and respect each part of who we are whilst still being entirely proud of who we are as a total sum of those parts. It troubles me that mixed race people have been fetishised to a point where us taking pride in our mixed identity can sometimes be misinterpreted as us thinking we are too nice. We are coming to a point in time now where many more mixed race couple are having 2nd generation mixed race children and it's important too that they are able to own their identity.

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    @thecurlsquad thanks for your support

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