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My heart has been BLASTED wide open from your love and support of “Prince” the past few days 💓💓💓I’ve read each and every one of your comments and they have LIGHTED me from the inside ✨✨✨Kyoko and I thank you with our whole hearts 💗💗💗
This project was birthed from years of heart-opening conversations shared between us in our homes, on walks, over long drives, and lots and lots of soup. We wanted to share that same, soul-level intimacy with you so that you'll never need to feel alone on your path - not when there’s sisterhood.
We invite you to read our extended interview where we talk with full self-honesty about pushing our edges, deciding who to be, and owning our power as artists. It’s a gift, from our open hearts to yours, for hearing the “me too” in our journeys and for honoring your own.
Read the full conversation at www.jinjabrew.com!
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There's friendship, then there's sisterhood. ⠀
There's sisterhood, then there's love. ⠀
Love that radicalizes and forms your very best self; love so profound it goes beyond empathy, beyond transcendence, beyond the borders you've built around your own limitations. ⠀

Forever changed and inspired by @lotusinaseaoffire. ⠀

I feel so lucky to be able to talk to this woman on a daily basis, and learn so much from her innate wisdom, and today, we extend our conversation to you. ⠀
Full conversation at:
www.jinjabrew.com ⠀

#lovewins ⠀
#princejinjabrew ⠀


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