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Hello my dear 3-year-old self,

The past three years have zoomed past, haven’t they? As the first child, first grandchild, and first great-grandchild, you’re the apple of everyone’s eye and everyone wonders how your skinny mother managed to give birth to such a chubby baby. You were born into parents who love you so much, it’s no wonder you question why is there another baby in the cot. That’s your little sister. Some many years later, mummy will tell you that when you first saw her, you stomped your feet, crossed your little fat arms, and exclaimed “HMPH!” in your high pitched voice. Don’t worry, even with two more siblings eight and nine years later, daddy and mummy would never love you less. Even when you’re thirty-three, they will still see you as their little girl. I have so much more to tell you about your life ahead - about love, friendship, school. You can read it all on Dayre.

Happy birthday, my baby girl.
Your 33-year-old self


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