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Just finished up chest day. Need to get some more size and now off to get some me running in for physical agility test for Sheriff and PD then time to relax and get some sun. #philippians413 #puttinginwork #chestday #blackstonelabsofficial #blackstonelabs #riseandgrind #pdtest #physicalagilitytest


  • 63w ago bpmattmorgan bpmattmorgan

    @scottspursuitoffitness looking awesome Scott! Are you giving yourself a target date for your first competition? Remember the physical challenge bro! You can do this

  • 63w ago scootstephens scootstephens

    @bpmattmorgan Thanks Matt!! I was thinking next Summer. I am thinking at 6'2 and 225 I need a little more size before cutting down for physique class


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