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Who watched the NHRA races last night? We make a good amount of the drivers cars in 1:18 and 1:64 but you can only get them from the team themselves at the races via their merchandise booths. #hardtoget #NHRA #autoworlddiecast #round2 #niceandheavy


  • 38w ago mario_thecameljockey mario_thecameljockey

    This would be one of the reasons why you guys only have that many followers. Your marketing ideas aren't that bright. This product should be on the shelves first before having it as exclusive to the booth. How can anybody look for a product that they never heard about ??? I been collecting diecast for a long time and this was he first time I hear about Nhra diecast. I want it but not going to the races

  • 38w ago johnnylightningdiecast johnnylightningdiecast

    @mariowillgendy, keep in mind that the Auto World Instagram is a little over 1 year old, while the competitions Instagram are well over 3+ years. If you put them on the shelves first and then at the booths, it wouldn't be considered an exclusive anymore...

  • 38w ago atencio164_auto_antiquities atencio164_auto_antiquities

    @mariowillgendy I am thinking this is a way to introduce fans of the racers to Johnny Lightning. While it sounds like a good idea I do there was another way to obtain them

  • 38w ago mario_thecameljockey mario_thecameljockey

    @johnnylightningdiecast well I seen instagram accounts get to more than 10k a year. You know if you did one of those cars as a giveaway you will gain a bunch of followers. I just hate seeing hot wheels dominate the market. M2 machines is starting to give them a run with their nissan run while you guys doing an exclusive that nobody hears about. I want to see you guys succeed more than this

  • 38w ago hws_dukeofdiecast hws_dukeofdiecast


  • 38w ago hws_dukeofdiecast hws_dukeofdiecast

    I like seeing you guys make different castings😎🤙🏽

  • 38w ago wilmar_hotwheels wilmar_hotwheels

    Very gopd

  • 32w ago jerpyottjr jerpyottjr

    How much do these normally run at the races?

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