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Instagram post by @iamlpofficial LP

Thank you @headliner_cz mag for all the love this past week in #czechrepublic at #coloursofostrava and for this cover!!! 🤘🏼❤️


  • 10w ago lpergolizzil lpergolizzil


  • 10w ago anarcimm anarcimm

    @dilyaramore ))

  • 10w ago dilyaramore dilyaramore

    @anarcimm omg omg🤣

  • 10w ago lp.laurapergolizzi lp.laurapergolizzi

    Hi all LPeople and @iamlpoffical 👋!!Did You See This Turkish fan page of most incredible voiced person💃?If you want learn about interesting information of LP, you should look at my page🔥🔥!!And dear LP, you know Turkey love you❤❤! Come or not come: it is not important!Distance doesn't matter!!We always love you always listen to your music.I'll wait, I know you'll follow me.💕💓

  • 10w ago jsamorukova jsamorukova


  • 10w ago _thaycantoraoficial _thaycantoraoficial

    Mulheeer maravilhosaaa ❤❤❤❤

  • 10w ago marilouzano marilouzano

    THIS pic ❤️

  • 9w ago arman._.j arman._.j


  • 9w ago malahov001 malahov001

    Эт че за пидор нарисовался?

  • 9w ago caballero_urbano caballero_urbano


  • 9w ago yanzhnedvetskiy yanzhnedvetskiy


  • 8w ago nadya067 nadya067


  • 8w ago maya_zp maya_zp

    Omg lp I looooooove u so much

  • 8w ago sofiket5559 sofiket5559

    Это не он это ана

  • 8w ago lightny.sara lightny.sara

    We are a small country, but full of sincere fans ... You are champion of our hearts, at least my own. I hope you'll show up again and I'll see you live. Thank you that you are.. 🤗❤

  • 7w ago nooriabhn nooriabhn


  • 7w ago sukran938 sukran938


  • 7w ago decarli_fanpage1990 decarli_fanpage1990

    You are male or female???

  • 7w ago decarli_fanpage1990 decarli_fanpage1990

    I know,But male or female???? @sarahthb

  • 6w ago lisenysh2007 lisenysh2007

    Subscribe to me and come Moscow

  • 6w ago pame_duartea pame_duartea

    @decarli_fanpage1990 human being that's only matters! Who care What else! ❤️ greatings! ✌🏻

  • 5w ago _ivuna _ivuna

    Love you!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • 4w ago regina_idrisova_official regina_idrisova_official

    I fell in love🙊

  • 3w ago rojin_ylts rojin_ylts

    Bu nasıl kadın aq @narinkx

  • 3w ago g.h5704 g.h5704


  • 2w ago olivia_malik_niniko olivia_malik_niniko

    your first like was here😢😢😢was amazing day😢😢😢😢

  • 2w ago naturegirl_s naturegirl_s

    Cool bebe 😂😍😍

  • 2w ago gulmirakuanishbayeva gulmirakuanishbayeva


  • 1w ago altairyu_pato altairyu_pato

    🙈🇲🇽❤✋ la mejor

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