Instagram post by @jennwakefield Jennifer

A week from today marks SIX MONTHS since @otfgreenville had its grand opening! In that time we have made so many new friends and the OTF Family is growing daily. You all are an inspiration. I want to share some of the amazing people that I have met thanks to #OTFGreenville.

Meet Kat! She is so strong - physically and mentally. I worked out along side of her a week ago and she killed the rower next to meet. We have a challenge and she crushed it every time. Plus she hopped off the rower and headed back to the weight room while I sat there trying to catch my breathe (until Coach @nikmccollum "kindly suggested" I get moving). Without going into details, Kat has had a difficult year. Her mental strength and her perseverance inspire me. She has a valid bag of excuses for why she can't workout but she does and does it consistently. I want to be like Kat... No Excuses.

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