Instagram post by @sfhfc St Francis Hospice for Cats

The other day I visited one of our foster cats Ace. I'm pleased to say that following Kaz moving house he has settled in to his new surroundings really well.
At the moment Ace is able to have some supervised time in the garden wearing a harness. He is really enjoying this and it is great to see him happy and relaxed outside.

Due to Ace being FIV+ he can't just roam freely as if he got into a fight with other neighbouring cats he could pass on the virus. Also due to him having a lower immune system he can be more vulnerable to picking other things up outside, so we don't want him venturing far.

We are now looking at making Kaz's garden secure and safe so that Ace won't be able to escape. The plans for this are now underway and the special cat mesh and brackets will be ordered shortly from Felisafe ( a great company we found online. Then it will take some time fixing it all but I will post some pictures once this is done.


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