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Meet, Gillian Norman, a Holistic Health Coach & Mom of 5!
I ❤ her story, and know that many of us can relate:
When I found Plexus...I stopped dieting.
I stopped crying. I stopped binging. I stopped hiding. I stopped apologizing. I stopped feeling guilty. I stopped making excuses. I stopped going downhill!
Everyone has a low point.
I had hit mine in 2014 when I was faced with making a change or get back into maternity pants.
Then Plexus showed up.
Gillian is now...
Happy. Healthy. Pain free. Digestive peace. Skin clear. Immunity. Sleep. Energy. Vitality. Joy. Service. Give. Love.

It's your turn.
Stop hating yourself.
Stop obsessing.
Quit quitting.
Be the change.
I believe in you.
#healthandhappiness #agebackwards

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