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🌓 A new wave on Niiraxi have arrived on Earth. Their presence has shook everyone in sight as 9 new Niiraxi been discovered. They hold the vibe of celestials, incarnations of our solar system planets. Who are they? What can they do? They seem to hold great power.... The first one has emerged from darkness and stands tall on the rock of awakening, as tribes fight over to get them in their ranks. This is where you come in.... 🌓
Celestial Niiraxi are ultra rare, which hold unimaginable power that is related to their home planet.
🔹Jupiter Niirax Adopt🔹
SB: $20
MI: $1
AB: $45 + an extended ref (headshot with mouth, power, eyes and gem)
This is the first in the new Celestial Niirax series and there will be only chance to get it. Once you receive the Niirax you have the power to change its gender, choose its power and change the design SLIGHTLY if you wish. -----
AUCTION ENDS 24HR AFTER THE LAST BIDDER. Tag the last bidder if youre bidding. You must have the money ready if you win. Auction ends instantly if the Niirax is Auto Bought and paid for. Please read the species ref before adopting.
Good luck!
Niraxii are a closed species belonging to me. Custom adopts are available. #niirax


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