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Thankful to see this beauty for the first time. The flower is probably the tallest I've ever seen! Just look at the flower pod! It's very fragrant too. I think it's a lily but not sure any one know?

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  • 4w ago ma_tshepo ma_tshepo

    Yess its a Lilly...I met them on the Seychelles where they grow everywhere 😍

  • 4w ago ma_tshepo ma_tshepo

    I googled sis...its called hymenocallis or spider lilly...and its ways of surviving are quit amazing😊they are lovely.. may u fulljoy their site and beauty everytime u look at them😊

  • 4w ago mycocreations mycocreations

    @ma_tshepo thank you!

  • 4w ago ma_tshepo ma_tshepo

    @mycocreations 💜

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