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Instagram post by @weanimals We Animals / Jo-Anne McArthur

I'm being asked to further describe some of the images from the We Animals book. About this, entitled "Next in Line for Slaughter": It’s pretty harsh, being an animal lover, and someone who cares so deeply for the individual suffering of those I’m photographing, to have to take these photos and not help them. To just witness with my camera. Makes me feel faint, sometimes. For me, this is one of my strongest images. Some of my images are aided by the backstory, and by descriptions, but everything I want to convey is here, wordlessly, through this wide angle lens. The individual. Their expression. The situation. The consequences. We understand.

Rabbit. Spain, 2010.
Jo-Anne McArthur/We Animals


  • 3d ago vegan_meg vegan_meg

    😢 You're right this photo doesn't need any explanation. It's heartbreaking.

  • 3d ago jennylovesmusic54 jennylovesmusic54

    So heartbreaking to see this photo...much more painful for you behind the camera taking the photo...the rest of the world needs to get their 'heads out of the sand' and see what painful cruelty is in our world💔😢...you are doing a wonderful job standing up for our voiceless friends💪

  • 3d ago sandmayn54 sandmayn54


  • 3d ago seagreenpeacock seagreenpeacock

    Good god 🙏I'm so sorry for what cruelty we inflict

  • 3d ago chris.niehoff chris.niehoff


  • 3d ago green.veganista green.veganista


  • 3d ago missymaika missymaika

    I'm so conflicted by sharing household with carnivores. I care deeply about animal welfare and know very well that the deep connection I feel for my ferrets I would have been able to feel with a rabbit as well. This image will haunt me the next time I buy a rabbit for my little fury friend to eat 😥 I really ought to look into the possibility of obtaining rabbit that has been hunted in the wild, although I believe the only truly ethical thing would be to not share household with fury critters that thrive on the flesh of others to begin with 😓

  • 3d ago applekellyrowan applekellyrowan


  • 3d ago greyetnoir greyetnoir


  • 3d ago nullejo nullejo


  • 3d ago elizabethacjones elizabethacjones

    Pure evil

  • 3d ago elmurdoch elmurdoch


  • 3d ago natalie._.ortega natalie._.ortega

    The fear and hysteria in that rabbit's eyes is so palpable. It makes me sick to my stomach.

  • 3d ago malinagalabova malinagalabova


  • 3d ago carolcoimbranutri carolcoimbranutri


  • 3d ago losyatina losyatina


  • 3d ago mannikins mannikins

    This makes me automatically tear up and feel heavy in my chest. Thank you for all you do. Your commitment is deeply appreciated.

  • 3d ago junioramberbunny junioramberbunny

    The look on his/her face 😔😢 horrible

  • 3d ago wendy.bones wendy.bones

    That is not a happy bun.

  • 3d ago marcoapostoli marcoapostoli

    Powerfully devastating

  • 3d ago lisamacintosh_photography lisamacintosh_photography

    This makes me want to whisper 'I'm so sorry' to him 😥

  • 3d ago noshandrun noshandrun


  • 3d ago eliege_morais eliege_morais


  • 3d ago etherealgirl7 etherealgirl7

    Sickening sickening it makes me feel faint too

  • 3d ago toninodelmoro toninodelmoro


  • 3d ago jschinzing jschinzing

    Those poor souls, my heart breaks for them 😭💔

  • 3d ago megybooo megybooo

    Can't take the cruelty 🤕🤕🤕

  • 3d ago mariti1505 mariti1505

    So sad, so cruel, so heartbreaking 💔😭

  • 3d ago 07anieal 07anieal

    @anniekoh.siaw sayang jangan makan satay arnab lagi 😭💔

  • 3d ago soffimatilda soffimatilda


  • 2d ago veromichels veromichels


  • 2d ago applelixious applelixious

    @owenliang93 💔💔💔😢

  • 2d ago kendrawilhite kendrawilhite

    this breaks my heart, i just want to snuggle the poor baby 😭😭😭

  • 2d ago bookieball bookieball


  • 2d ago my.petite.buns my.petite.buns

    I think that human heart has to be better than human mouth because we're talking of lives!😩🙌🏼

  • 2d ago geeky._.jock geeky._.jock

    This isn't what a rabbit slaughter house looks like most aren't even penned the penned ones are does(female breeder) I have a homestead and they locally slaughter rabbits they look nothing like these rabbits they are unfit for slaughter

  • 2d ago peanutbunner peanutbunner

    Oh my god 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • 2d ago om_twiins om_twiins


  • 1d ago tuffins11 tuffins11


  • 18h ago krissuk krissuk


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