Instagram post by @roseofshawn Shawn Mendes 🍁

So Shawn did a live stream last night, and because of the time zone....... I missed it! I always miss his livestream, I've never even seen one!! But I wanted to thank everyone who is posting clips of it on twitter and Instagram and everything because it means a lot to them people (like me) who missed it. Shawn is such an incredible person and watching the small clips of this original song has made my heart happy...... I'm so excited for album three I can't even explain, I hope that song will be on it!! However, although I am so happy and excited, part of me keeps saying I don't want it, a third album, because with new music comes new fans - not that I don't love the Mendes army, I've made some incredible friends through it - but that I'll be smaller, and it'll probably just count another year without meeting Shawn! Shawn is my inspiration and someone I look up to - he's persevered through troubles and came out on top whilst finding himself along the way!
So Mendes, I love the song...... but next time maybe do one while your in our time zone ;))) •

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