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He leads us with his whole heart locked on Jesus, truth and love and grace are always on his lips and his hands are serving and humble and kind and I am not exaggerating. I'm so honored that I get to bear witness to a father's love through my husband, it's been a healing journey to see the contrast from a broken past - I love you Chris and can't believe you're ours - Happy Father's Day!


  • 44w ago paulagough paulagough

    Beautifully stated, Rebekah! We love his heart for Jesus... and for you... and the kids!! Chris is such s godly, faithful and loving dad… And we are so deeply proud of him as well!

  • 44w ago chelle_bruzas chelle_bruzas

    This is so beautiful! Your words and life, sweet friend!

  • 44w ago rhodaevansbabcock rhodaevansbabcock

    This made me choke back tears as Chris has always been so very, very special in his love of life and people and the Lord. He is such a great Dad and leader of everyday people... humble, kind and accepting. You and your family are such a joy to all who know you, Rebecca❤️

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