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A bullfighter was killed in France on Saturday after he tripped on his cape and was gored in the abdomen. It is a needless loss of human life. All bullfights are a needless loss of animal life when the bull is eventually killed after being repeatedly injured and taunted. These spectacles must end.
Bullfight. Spain, 2010.
Jo-Anne McArthur/We Animals


  • 48w ago patrizia_ortiz patrizia_ortiz

    Many spanish People hate bullfihts and love animals

  • 48w ago alecuetov alecuetov


  • 48w ago myquaker myquaker

    One less bloody so called matador! 👏👏👍

  • 48w ago universano universano

    This barbaric tradition needs to be stopped

  • 48w ago _a_q _a_q

    Fucking pussy ass matadors

  • 48w ago barbaraheartt barbaraheartt

    I agree. I found the correlation interesting that Navajos have a story that in the old world cows/bulls were actually monsters that couldn't be killed until a critter helped a man kill him. Then when the world changed they changed to cows/bulls. This is why they have no prayer songs for cows. Also that many cultures call them 'sacred.' Makes you think

  • 48w ago olharimigrante olharimigrante


  • 48w ago magalicuellar1121 magalicuellar1121

    Very sad😰

  • 48w ago philippe_ho_design philippe_ho_design


  • 48w ago harunammm harunammm


  • 48w ago water_melon_womyn9298 water_melon_womyn9298

    No not celebrating but just happy there's one less asshole in the world!

  • 48w ago rarsuperstar rarsuperstar


  • 48w ago gainswithyaya gainswithyaya

    So they just stab the animal to death that's the sport?

  • 48w ago missprim11 missprim11

    What wastes of space people-- they live in a world of lies and delusion. They are small small infantile spirits groping grotesquely through life and we must be forced to share the planet with them? No. #onemoredown #bye #nextlifeyoullbevegan

  • 48w ago kikifs kikifs

    Que mueran esos incopetentes se creen que matar un animal es una profesion son basuras de humanos inutiles

  • 48w ago fierce.pineapple fierce.pineapple


  • 48w ago inma_maku inma_maku

    Yo hay comportamientos que nunca entenderé

  • 48w ago brooke_yamen brooke_yamen

    So, so awful. It's absolutely disgusting.

  • 48w ago _natalieortega_ _natalieortega_


  • 48w ago lisamacintosh_photography lisamacintosh_photography

    I just don't get it 😡😔

  • 48w ago jlfcasar jlfcasar

    Esta orgia de muerte tiene que terminar.

  • 48w ago ulrikasebagh ulrikasebagh

    Sickening !! These men myst be so stupid 👎👎👎

  • 48w ago swishylynn swishylynn

    That poor beautiful bull 😢

  • 48w ago jschinzing jschinzing

    No words 😤

  • 48w ago

    Im sorry I dnt feel bad for that idiot, my hearts breaks for the animal that suffers life time in human hands

  • 48w ago kendra_halliday kendra_halliday

    @evebonnick AGREEEEEE

  • 48w ago kendra_halliday kendra_halliday

    Bull fighting, actually any 'event' related to killing an innocent animal should be banned! No animal should have to suffer their whole life!

  • 48w ago kendra_halliday kendra_halliday


  • 48w ago domgrecophoto domgrecophoto

    Please end this horrible behavior.

  • 48w ago luxian_burnhard luxian_burnhard

    He had it coming. Good.

  • 48w ago wizwittaknife wizwittaknife

    I would love to knife fight that pretty boy

  • 48w ago wizwittaknife wizwittaknife

    He could even use that cowards blade he's got

  • 48w ago kendrawilhite kendrawilhite

    i don't understand why bullfighting is still a sport 😤

  • 48w ago bookieball bookieball

    Good. He deserved it

  • 47w ago bosse.the.beagle bosse.the.beagle

    How can you hurt an innocent animal like this. I don't understand 😢

  • 36w ago ariela.iakoubov ariela.iakoubov

    My heart is shattered

  • 36w ago ariela.iakoubov ariela.iakoubov

    I breakdown every time I hear about this

  • 36w ago ariela.iakoubov ariela.iakoubov

    Every once of me is in pain from this image

  • 36w ago ariela.iakoubov ariela.iakoubov

    I am disgusted that I am the same species at that bullfighter who repeatedly gorges the being to its 💀 death 💀

  • 30w ago rebeccamorgan_x rebeccamorgan_x

    💔too cruel💔this sport should be made illegal 😰

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