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For the first time in a long time, I’m ready to open up more. I’ve been hiding so much and I know you know it too! This past week has been so instructive, spent mostly in deep conversation interspersed with silence and reflection. I am chewing on some big revelations and I am still very much in the process of coming into my center. I have been holding big prayers and doing BIG work and having big conversations around clarity and discernment. Trust and doubt. So many shadows are being illuminated 🌕🌑.
As a spiritual guide to others, I realize that I am sometimes a teacher, but ALWAYS a student. Life has dropped big things in my lap for me to REALLY look at and I'm grateful for the opportunity to get real with myself, even if it hurts sometimes. I’m walking through the fire, but at my heart’s center, I trust this journey completely (welllllll most of the time...I'm human!!).
I'll be posting more vulnerably throughout this process. I'm excited to grow with you and expose my raw self so that we can feel safe to be more truthful about who we are ✨.
Will you do me a favor and share below if you are hearing the “me too” in these words? 💗
Grateful for the divinely guided @ososee and her photography. Thank you for seeing me. ✨ #vulnerability #growth #courage #authenticity #mindfulness



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