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Instagram post by @marilynmanson Marilyn Manson

CAIN and ABEL. Suave and Noir


  • 15h ago conocreations conocreations

    @shadowyurena dont u realize that your a loser scrolling through the comments from a week ago? Look at u bro, ur probably a faggot just like marilyn. Il beat ur ass u devil worshipping loser. "Please answer" il fuck u up pussy

  • 15h ago conocreations conocreations

    And dont even answer this, i dont give a fuck what ur bitch ass has to say @shadowyurena

  • 13h ago stephytay82 stephytay82

    @marilynmanson when can we expect the new album?!?!

  • 13h ago _._._.mohanna._._._ _._._.mohanna._._._

    Your left eye scare me a lot😐

  • 12h ago gabs_tho gabs_tho

    meet and greet with you in Wales 😍😈

  • 11h ago michael__02 michael__02

    Is it true u suck r own dick

  • 11h ago fresh_savage132 fresh_savage132

    What is wrong with u, u need to be physically tested

  • 11h ago deadlysade deadlysade

    Religious people said: you need jesus. I say: shut the fuck up motherfuckers! 😃🤘

  • 10h ago titsmall titsmall

    u a bitch

  • 10h ago _esi_7_ _esi_7_

    Ino halime ke madaret jendas

  • 9h ago shadowyurena shadowyurena

    @conocreations first of all bitch, you probably even know Marilyn so you talking shit about him. Oh, and the looser here is you who enters to a page just to criticize a person, go get a life, bitch. And yeah, I'm a devil worshiper 😏, but you a idiot who doesn't haves a life and lives uploading shit and checking others people's lives... and also, who said "Please answer" first? If there was a god wouldn't exist assholes like you, mother fucking bitch.

  • 9h ago shadowyurena shadowyurena

    @fresh_savage132 what is wrong with u, u need a new brain. And also be careful, your instagram bio could set in fire, mother fucker.

  • 9h ago anna_ginnings anna_ginnings


  • 9h ago stonerghxst stonerghxst

    I want to be a satanist

  • 9h ago conocreations conocreations

    Im only his page bc he was tagged in a lil uzi vert pic. And who the fuck even are you? Looking at my arguments from last week? And u get butthurt over it and get offended? Stay the fuck out my business and get over it u fucking pussy. Just wait until the day u go to hell. Ul regret ur whole lifestyle. All of this. Ur being a devil worshipper bc ur a pussy that cant handle the real world. And dont fucking talk to me, i hate talking to gays ahaha just being honest so shut the fuck up and go continue to do your rituals u evil gay peice of shit @shadowyurena

  • 9h ago conocreations conocreations

    Please dont even answer. I cant belive im even wasting my time responding to u. I dont like ur type of people so dont even continue this convo cuz ur the one thats gunna end up getting hurt and offended so just give up pussy @shadowyurena

  • 8h ago mister.hippyface mister.hippyface

    When is that mf album coming

  • 8h ago shadowyurena shadowyurena

    @conocreations who are you, piece of shit? Looking at the profile of someone you don't like, if u don't like Manson get the fuck outa here, you dick. And you are the one who gets offended because of us, piece of shit. And if heaven and hell weren't lies, you'll go to hell with me, asshole. And no, I won't stfu, I like to bother mother fuckers like you who waste air. If u want me to not respond you, you'll have to stop doing it first.

  • 8h ago fresh_savage132 fresh_savage132

    Nigga @shadowyurena your an ugly fucker who doesn't even no the concept of life wants to be a little bitch because the thing he posts are super ugly I can't believe that you even have followers faggot

  • 8h ago shadowyurena shadowyurena

    @fresh_savage132 If you ain't like Manson, get the fuck outa here you asshole. And what's the concept of life? Criticize someone? Well, that's not the concept of life, that's the concept of your life... or you do have a life? I think no, go get one, and also don't forget to ask for a good brain too. Bye, bye, motherfucker.

  • 7h ago hellsa.shun hellsa.shun


  • 7h ago iancody iancody


  • 7h ago iancody iancody


  • 6h ago fallensade fallensade

    @_esi_7_ you say god/i say say 10.

  • 5h ago _esi_7_ _esi_7_

    @fallensade what??

  • 5h ago hannahcarolyn497 hannahcarolyn497

    ive been a fan of @marilynmanson since I was 5yrs old that was 15 yrs ago and to this day his voice still turns me on ❤️❤️❤️

  • 5h ago xxtrapboyxx xxtrapboyxx

    The devil fears me.

  • 5h ago ilovemystove ilovemystove

    Come back to instagram baby, i miss you

  • 5h ago hamidkarimi94 hamidkarimi94

    i seeing god in mirror

  • 4h ago aynazjalili_music aynazjalili_music


  • 4h ago farshadfard666 farshadfard666

    @marilynmanson ♈️🖤🤘🏿

  • 3h ago daveysuicide.swe daveysuicide.swe

    When will Heaven Upside Down be released?

  • 3h ago marita.angela marita.angela

    Drop the album, God Of Fuck

  • 3h ago jose_adrian_flores_dc jose_adrian_flores_dc


  • 3h ago hailadams hailadams

    AWESOME :-) please share :-) Hail Adams

  • 1h ago laurystudela laurystudela

    Te amo con todo mi ❤

  • 1h ago iancody iancody


  • 1h ago marykleinarts marykleinarts

    Motherfucker lets go on a date!

  • 2m ago guigui824260 guigui824260


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