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From the time I was in second grade, I wanted to be a teacher. But our family was a paycheck-to-paycheck family. By the time I was a senior in high school, we didn’t have the money for a college application, much less the money to send me off to school. I was sixteen, angry and miserable.

After one especially bitter battle with my mother, I threw some clothes in a bag and ran out of the house. Hours later, Daddy found me on a bench at the bus station downtown. He sat down beside me, and asked if I remembered the time after his heart attack.

I remembered. I’d been 12 years old, and I’d seen how fast a family could be turned upside down.

Daddy said it was the worst time in his life. "Your mother was at home when they took the station wagon,” he said in a low voice. “And then they said they were going to take the house. She cried every night.” Sitting there on the bench in the bus station, he told me that he had failed and that the shame had nearly killed him. He wanted to die.

What happened? I asked.

Daddy sat silently for a long time. Finally, he took my hand in both of his and held it tightly.

It got better, he said. Your mother found work. We made some payments. After a while, I went back to work. We had less money, but it was enough to get by. We got caught up on the mortgage. You seemed to do okay.

Finally he turned and looked at me. “Life gets better, punkin.” And he was right. Daddy and I headed home. It was a winding path, but I eventually made it through college and started teaching school. And once one door opened, so did another and another. Life got better.

I’ve carried that story in my pocket for decades. It was how I made it through the painful parts. Divorce. Disappointments. Deaths. When things get tough, I still hear my daddy’s voice, telling me to hang on. It’s a part of him that will always be with me.

Happy Father’s Day to all the daddies who are trying their hardest. Happy Father’s Day to every daddy who sets the example every day of what it means to care for the people you love. Happy Father’s Day to every daddy who tells a child, “Life gets better, punkin.”


  • 40w ago veronica1r veronica1r

    Ms. Warren this is a beautiful story! Thank you for sharing it...I believe that everything in life happens for a reason, and I looked to your IG account today as I'm struggling with a lot of emotions today. It was meant for me to read your story and I will tell my son, "life gets better, pumpkin." Thank you!

  • 39w ago markthezar markthezar

    Is that your cousin Eli and uncle Peter ?

  • 39w ago the_choke_artist the_choke_artist

    What a Great story ! Now tell the one about how the DNC helped Hilldahag destroy her pc's and cell phones with hammers 🤣🤣🔨 That's a great story ! And also why she in the woods 😁

  • 39w ago the_choke_artist the_choke_artist

    #Trumptime 💪 You mad ?

  • 39w ago

    wow, beautiful story

  • 38w ago kaleigh_post kaleigh_post


  • 38w ago sexycappuccino sexycappuccino

    OMGhhh!!! I'm sharing this story with my daughter!! Such a beautiful and inspiring legacy he left and instilled within you!! 😘😘

  • 38w ago sexycappuccino sexycappuccino

    Shared on Facebook too!!

  • 38w ago daisie_v daisie_v

    This is incredibly inspiring. You are an inspiration to our nation.

  • 38w ago kalliepalm kalliepalm

    @ahoffman06 weeping.

  • 37w ago therobinoro therobinoro


  • 37w ago qaztheone qaztheone

    You're a joke I hate you you're just a typical republican stooge working the system in your favor

  • 34w ago susanmcc50 susanmcc50

    You inspire me. I'm reading your book "Fighting Chance" the world needs more ppl like you who struggled and fought for the little guy. I'm Canadian but I've been following you since what's his name got into office lol...keep inspiring 💟

  • 34w ago 1stcls 1stcls

    ... This literally brought tears to my eyes. It does get better. Thank you for sharing this 🙏💜🌈

  • 31w ago ezravoss ezravoss

    God you're inspirational!♡ Run for 2020! Please

  • 30w ago goinlevel10 goinlevel10

    #shiva4senate #youareboughtandpaidfor #learjetliberal

  • 30w ago bobsoddities bobsoddities

    Blah, blah, blah ................

  • 28w ago emejune emejune

    I'm in tears. That must have felt so wonderful to have him come look for you. What a gift he gave -✨

  • 27w ago jcamny jcamny

    Amazing story @elizabethwarrenma Thank You for sharing. Never Give Up🙏🏽

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  • 20w ago desutay433 desutay433

    Who’s the dude on the right?

  • 20w ago diddy_of_my_city diddy_of_my_city

    love this story... @elizabethwarrenma an inspiration for us all

  • 16w ago 77ludusa 77ludusa

    @ezravoss please do give my boy Trump 4 more years

  • 16w ago rachmorec rachmorec

    You rock, thanks for sharing this story

  • 15w ago frannnntastic frannnntastic


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