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Instagram post by @shamozal Kirsty Rice

Someone's got their first phone and their first phone contract. Big excitement!


  • 6d ago natsdevries natsdevries

    Oooo - what are the terms of the phone contract? Interested as we're headed in the same direction!

  • 6d ago andybrucehk andybrucehk

    Wow talk about looking like dad

  • 6d ago shamozal shamozal

    @natsdevries lots of housework, after school workshops and a few school rules. We have fingerprint access, can read anything anytime and if he loses his watch, wallet or headphones the phones goes until he find them. Maybe I'll write a blog post?

  • 6d ago shamozal shamozal

    @andybrucehk scary

  • 6d ago sosmoe sosmoe

    Pls do, write a blog post that is! 🙏🏼🙂

  • 6d ago natsdevries natsdevries

    @shamozal please do!!!

  • 6d ago kazzaaround kazzaaround

    Just had a conversation yesterday with my 10 year old about perhaps soon she could have one of my old phones. Love to read your blog on this topic.

  • 6d ago latitude137 latitude137

    @shamozal blog post please!

  • 6d ago aussie_expat_mums aussie_expat_mums

    Need a blog post @shamozal !

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