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Instagram post by @hollyblues Holly Brannigan



  • 31w ago liebwedd liebwedd

    Tumbler love-- whooohhh🌿💕

  • 31w ago hollyblues hollyblues

    I know! I've never owned a shot glass before! Queenie insisted on a couple from the chazza and for 10p we are happy girls 🌷as the sun glints through the pink!

  • 31w ago hollyblues hollyblues

    @liebwedd 👆🏼

  • 31w ago liebwedd liebwedd

    @hollyblues its fabulous-especiallY that pink---

  • 31w ago nataliecorvus nataliecorvus

    I think I'm going to only call charity shops chazza shops from now, not that we have many in Bath, just expensive "antique" shops 🙄. That glass is beaut! 💖

  • 31w ago hollyblues hollyblues

    Ah gutting. We are overrun with them in Cornwall, not that I'm complaining in the slightest, our home would be pretty minimal without them ! @branwenknit

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