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If the house is untidy, just bring in more flowers right? This is helping me with end of the week exhaustion.
Mornings are so hard at the moment. It's beautiful and bright outside but I just can't shimmy myself out of bed and stretch this body like it needs. Feed myself with some me time and God time before little footsteps tiptoe out of bed and the day really is no longer mine.
I think, well no, I KNOW it's all about early nights. Gotta hit that pillow by nine to feel fresh, but gee that's so boring! So I'll just keep cooing over this bloom until I can be bothered to move from the surrogate bed I've just created myself on the sofa.
Oh and must get back to doing the washing up before bed! 🤦🏻‍♀️
#feelingmanicinthechaos #beautyintheeveryday


  • 53w ago jmagnadottir jmagnadottir

    I feel the same way 🙏🏻👶🏻🌷

  • 53w ago kateemilycooke kateemilycooke

    I posted a very similar thing about flowers the other day, detracting from the mess & making everything better 💕

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